More About My Spice Blends

I like to eat well, and I like to cook. My philosophy is: if I’m going to eat (and I am!) I might as well indulge my tastebuds. That’s particularly important if, like me, you only eat one real meal a day. Mine is at noon, with a smaller portion of the same meal in the evening if I’m still hungry. Often I’m not. (Eating less is one benefit of eating high-quality, nutrient-dense food, but it does create an emphasis on making that meal memorable.)

Good nutrition is not only about the quality of the food we eat – it’s also about the way we prepare that food, which means that the range and quality of the herbs and spices we use matters as much as the quality of the meats, vegetables, fruits and grains they season. Like everything else, herbs and spices are a potential source of superior nutritional support for our bodies; and fresh, high-quality ingredients also produce vibrant flavors that make for happy tastebuds.

I use a wide range of herb and spice combinations in my cooking. Over time I’ve experimented with and perfected the proportions of seasonings that go into each blend to perfectly finish my dishes. I want to share those personally-crafted blends with you.

All of my spice and herb blends are made from the finest ingredients sourced from around the world by member-owned Frontier Coop, and supplemented with herbs and spices sourced by a small, family-owned California company called Whole Spice. I use organic when it is available (but unfortunately not everything is), and I blend and package as soon as I receive my orders to maximize freshness and lock in both the aromatics and nutrition.

I mix small batches to protect quality. That way of working involves more time, and it’s more expensive, but it is how I have always prepared these blends for my own use, and I won’t give you less quality than I demand for my own table. The difference in taste makes it all worthwhile. Plus, fresh herb and spice blends provide better trace nutritional elements to support our immune and digestive systems – and superior nutrition is the bottom line goal of how I cook and eat.

I like knowing that I am improving my health by eating delicious food!


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