Welcome to my boutique farm-to-table business website!

This is where I share the fresh organic produce and the pasture-raised chickens I grow for sale, along with the herb and spice blends and condiments that I make and use in my own cooking.

Vegetables and Chickens

I don’t produce large quantities. I cultivate about 8000 square feet (1/6th acre) of vegetables, about half of which is for sale; and I raise about 100 meat birds each summer, 70% of which are for sale. I cultivate at the pace I can work in the reflective quietude of hand labor, content to slowly grow a small, local business for my fresh vegetables and organic, pasture-raised chicken among local consumers who appreciate the complex tastes, textures, and colors that smaller, diverse crops of hand-grown traditional food and poultry can offer.

If you live locally and want to purchase some of my local, hand-grown, traditional produce, watch the Produce column, where I list what is maturing each week. If you want to buy some excellent pasture-raised organic chicken, watch the Available Chicken column.

All quantities of fresh produce and butchered whole chickens are limited, so act quickly when you see something you want.

Spice Blends

Freshly ground aromatic spices make a dramatic difference in the flavor of food. That’s why I purchase frequent small batches of herbs and spices to use to make the diverse ethnic dishes I enjoy at home. If you have only ever purchased herbs and spices from the grocery or healthy food store you are in for a taste treat when you cook with my blends!

I also emphasize the flavors of the spices themselves, which means I downplay the use of salt. Salt is frequently used as an inexpensive flavor-enhancer, or even as a substitute for the real flavor that comes from using fresh herbs and spices; I don’t cheat. That’s why 5 of my blends are salt-free, and another 2 of my blends are low-salt. If you are on a salt-free diet you can safely use these blends: Baharat, Kashmiri, Lemon-Pepper, Mellow Santa Fe, and Sweet Carolina. If you are on a low-salt diet, you can use those five, plus my Smoky Texas and Vermont Smoky Maple seasoning blends.

By the way, even the micro-nutrients in high-quality whole salt can add to the flavor of food, and to your health. That’s why I exclusively use sun-dried sea salt when I include salt in my blends. Or in my own cooking.

The target audience of my small batches of herb and spice blends (and future homemade condiments) is both local and distant consumers who have adventurous palates – who enjoy the complex taste treats to be found in traditional, home-crafted American meals, and in the authentic worldwide peasant cuisine that graces my plate and tickles my palate almost daily.

And just in case you are not sure how to use the more exotic blends that I will be sharing, I will post favorite recipes that I have gathered from traditional cultures across the globe.

My Chicken Meat

There is nothing more succulent than grass-raised, organic chicken! For 2017, I am growing a limited number of pastured Freedom Ranger chickens for the dining table.

Learn About Freedom Ranger chickens…


The estimated price per pound (whole chickens only) will be $4.00 – $4.25. Over the summer and fall, I will have a total of 75 chickens for sale in 3 batches of 25.

Fresh chicken is only available on a short schedule; if you want fresh (rather than frozen) chicken, please let me know prior to the next estimated butcher date so we can coordinate for pick-up. The actual butcher date may be a few days after the estimated date, and chicken that is not sold and delivered within 30 hours of butchering will be frozen.

Butcher dates will be the weeks of August 7, September 4, and October 2.

The October birds will likely have more flavorful fat because, like all birds, chickens put on fat as the weather cools. This will be mostly the omega-3 fatty tissue that develops when chickens are allowed plenty of natural exercise, access to grasses, and corn-limited organic supplemental feed. Omega-3 fats are essential to human health, especially for brain and nerve function. Fat is also where the majority of the flavor of any meat animal is to be found.

2017 Whole Meat Chicken Availability

Breed Price/lb Butcher Dates Any Available?
Freedom Ranger $4-4.25 week of   August 7 Yes
Freedom Ranger $4-4.25  week of September 4 Yes
Freedom Ranger $4-4.25  week of October 2 Yes

Let me know!

To reserve chicken, call or email me.

phone: 672.5390

email: terry@plymouthnotchproduce.com

Remember: Both my field-raised chicken and fresh garden produce are available in limited quantities. Don’t delay!

Domestic and International Spice Blends

I am on a mission to prove that eating well is consistent with eating deliciously – more deliciously than most people experience! So if you have an adventurous palate, come along on my taste-treat ride through American traditional and world-spanning Ethnic cuisine.

I’m starting with some fairly familiar “mainstream” blends. The American combinations work equally well as flavorings for your favorite meat, vegetable or soup, or as a tasty blackening rub for your next barbeque. Some of the International blends are also good for blackening fish or meat, while others are best used as pre-measured spice packets to give your main meal a flavor boost. But don’t worry, I have a recipe page devoted to each packet that will guide you into creating quick, delicious meals.

Over time I will build out the range of spice combinations I offer and increase the traditional cultures they represent. I’ll also continue to post healthy recipes from around the world that you can easily prepare with my various blends – as well as a few more challenging dishes that will wow your family and friends!

Learn more about my herbs and spices…

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Remember to Eat Your Vegetables!

I only grow heirloom and heritage-breed vegetables. My primary seed source is Solstice Seeds, a local seed cultivator from whom I am also learning to select and save seeds from plants that do particularly well on my land. My goal is to be completely self-sufficient in seed production while at the same time perpetuating some of the most interesting vegetables handed down from farmer to farmer over hundreds of years.

To round out my seed supply, I periodically purchase non-GMO organic heritage-breed seeds from FEDCO, Johnny’s Seeds, and the Vermont Bean Seed Company.

I start seedlings in soil blocks to eliminate the need for plastic trays or peat pots. Soil block-started plants tyically grow longer, sturdier roots, mature faster, and produce more fruit. Because they are sturdier, they are also more resistant to pests and blights, which – along with planting in polycultures rather than monocultures – means I don’t use any natural or synthetic pesticides and fungicides.

Produce Availability

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